Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Things

1. Apostrophe Cast! "Welcome to Apostrophe Cast, and this episode, to the exquisite hideousness of Alissa Nutting. Nutting's suburban feminist gothic prances over manicured lawns through palaces of neglect and dementia in which tracheotomies, self-produced teen porn and routine abortions are rites of passage from a childhood without innocence to an adulthood without maturity. Ms. Nutting's story, "I Feel Nothing 4U," is witty, charming and incredibly disturbing." Interview between Alissa & me? Here.

2. Johannes Goransson's Dear Ra is here. It hits the grotesque, sublime, uncanny, and awkward in equal fevered measure. If you live at high altitudes, do watch out for the breathless.

3. Ariana Reines Coeur de Lion is a love poem. Love = exquisite gruesome fistchest , poem = post-paroxysm field. See newer poems from same human at Bruce Covey's new Coconut.



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