Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good Things

1. Caroline Knox, with whom I had the great pleasure of reading at KGB bar last night, impressive to no end and so very smart (that is intelligent, sharp, savvy, wise and wry), also made me laugh soda out my nose cafeteria style when she read "Salad" from the Wave Books published Quaker Guns (shouldn't Jeff Clark have himself a Quemadura exhibition? gorgeous!).

2. Laura Sims is giving me a run for my creepy creepy money with her new serial killer project. A second book, Stranger, is due out from Fence not too far down the line...I saw Mathias last night (so nice of him to come!), who reminded me about an excerpt from Stranger at Octopus.

3. If you've been living in a cave, and the cave is underground, and there are stacks of newspapers dating back to 100 BC blocking the entrance to this cave underground, then perhaps you don't know how hilarious and brilliant are Sharon Mesmer and Nada Gordon. I'm a lucky lucky poet this week. Shanna made us incredible vegan cookies, and read that poem where she fake-cries, and I fall for it every time. Every. Time.



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